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This website is still in its infancy. It has been born but doesn't know what to do besides exist. Below are some things it might do in the future.


Professional Online Presence

I would probably make a page for like my resume and any job experience I acquire. I could also post relevant academic info if necessary.


Host Projects

I plan on creating javascript projects in the future and hosting them here. I have games in mind but I could probably do other things too.



This website is hosted on a server that has storage. If needed, I might use this site to host backups of various projects.



I don't ever intend on having ads on this site. I might set up a donation system if people think my work is cool.



I have created my own email and matrix server. You can contact me through any matrix client here.



This site could be what its named after: left over code.

Mission Statement

Have a mission statement.

NLC No More

This site is a project between me and two other friends. We aim to acquire web development and server management skills. Below are their testimonials.

this cherto crazy

- Brennan Richie CEO - ChompYumYum Inc.

i never liked california anyway

- Duy Ha CEO - Dwee Inc.

why are orenges so yummy

- Jason Perez CEO - Meteorite Industries